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Australia is a vast land of long, never ending beaches, wide open spaces, of iconic scenery and friendly peoples. Home to exotic species of fauna and flora not seen elsewhere on the planet; being in Australia is to have the ever present nature at your side.
Whilst Australia is the most heavily urbanized country in the world, nature is never too far away. If it's the delights and comforts of a city life style, they are easily found, as is nature. It's not unusual in cities and towns to find a huge diversity of wildlife abound. The birdsong in the morning makes you aware you are in a place like no other on earth.
If it's to stand on a peak and look at the biggest horizons at sunset you can ever find, they are easy to find. If it's the ever present evidence of the planet's longest living culture, Australia's aborigine's, there is evidence aplenty. With their native songlines weaving and painting sounds within the silence of the bush - you know you are in Australia.
These huge vista, sparkling blue ocean and brilliant summer sun with surf, means you feel here in Australia, what you can't feel anywhere else.
Australia is still a country where you can experience that sense of adventure whilst being relatively safe.
Roadsign, the trademark is all these things and are captured in our widely recognized iconic Kangaroo Roadsign that adorns this website.
Since the inception of Roadsign more than four million people have taken one of these kangaroo roadsign home on their return overseas.
In roadsigns, the spirit of Australia lives on!
Roadsign is Australia.