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Since 1985 the Roadsign company has been making road signs for Australian road users; helping them find their way safely and surely to their destinations. Australia being the massively huge country that it is, offers a diverse driving experience, from fast freeways to little more than a two wheel track over the sand dunes. And off course, the road signs range from the superlative to the almost non existent all depending on the significance of the road itself.
The company was conceived off; when they became aware of how many of the advisory signs by the side of the road kangaroo signs were being removed by souvenir collecting overseas tourists. In solving the problem of this theft, a new business opportunity was discovered in the making of a range of novelty signs and products all with designs that in this case, were attractive to tourists and more accessible without the complications if they got caught stealing one!
Kangaroos, koalas, emus, sharks and other Australian animals grew to adorn this collection of signs and other memorabilia all designed to share with visitors to Australia, the wonderful wildlife bestowed upon and to be found on any trip into the country of Australia. These roadsigns have come to be seen as an iconic representation of Australia and are now found in the bedrooms, bathrooms and bars of people all over the planet.
So famous have these signs become that when NASA astronaut Andy Thomas traveled into space he carried one of our roadsigns made in his home town Adelaide, on the mission.
We are the only company on the planet to have ever had one of it's roadsigns sent into space! Not that you really need or would otherwise ever see a roadsign in space not of great use really, other than being a memento of Australia which is what our roadsigns have come to represent.